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International Legal Firm Precedent holds a special place amongst the legal companies of Ukraine. We believe that our determination to provide the most effective assistance for our clients is a keystone of our firm’s success. Our background allows us to offer insightful guidance throughout your proceedings, guidance that can help you obtain the efficient and favorable resolutions of your problems.

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Practice Areas

ILF Precedent is a company which covers the complete range of all the branches of the law. The diversity of our services is due to our company experts having wide experience in many different branches of the law. Years of practical work, combined with a wide breadth of legal knowledge, allow us to provide comprehensive guidance to our clients facing a number of legal concerns in any practice area.

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Our lawyers are tenacious when it comes to providing the best possible solutions to your legal problems. ILF “Precedent” will explore any avenue and investigate all possible scenarios to help you find the best resolutions possible in your unique situation, all in an effort to help you find the closure you need to move forward with your life free of legal worry. More than just legal advisers, we view ourselves as your advocates and friends.

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